BED LINED - Via Roma 60


With the bed linen of Via Roma, 60 you will have the opportunity to choose from quilts, duvet covers, duvets and many other products suitable for you and your family, for any type of season.

Via Roma, 60 presents many different fantasies, many of them coordinate with the fabrics and curtains to the footage. Embroidery, floral prints, geometric and details in relief are proposed to furnish your bedroom with taste and refinement, passing from the hottest shades of color to the freshest and most contemporary ones.

The main focus of bed linen in Via Roma, 60 is in the comfort that gives to those who use it and then in the choice of fabrics of the highest quality, especially the sheet and lining of the cushions. They can be made of pure cotton satin, known for its being elegant, soft and refined, or in Percalle cotton, worked with fine yarns with a tight structure, which give the softness, lightness and constant feeling of wellbeing that maintain the body temperature constant with breathability.

Via Roma, 60 by Gruppo Carillo S.p.A.
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