DORMIRÈ - Via Roma 60


Dormirè is the product line of healthy rest and well-being during sleep.

We spend more than 30% of our day in bed, reason why we can not absolutely afford to neglect the well-being of our sleep. The rest must be done with quality and it is precisely for this reason that you have to carefully choose the products to perform it.

Via Roma, 60 with the Dormirè line is in continuous research on the study of high-performance technologies to meet the needs of any consumer.

Thanks to the range of countless pillows, mattress covers, pillowcases and internal duvets, designed to adapt to the appearance of each human head, you can choose according to the needs of each individual family the best technical products most suited to the needs of everyone. For those suffering from allergies, for those who love a support of the head, for who love the soft, for who suffer from hot or cold.

The range of interior duvets is excellent and very wide: hypoallergenic, in goose down, in silver microspheres … all the best that can be useful to cuddle and make sleep excellent.

Very practical in washing.

Via Roma, 60 by Gruppo Carillo S.p.A.
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