TOWELS - Via Roma 60


Via Roma, 60, is a leader in sponges and technical fabrics for the bathroom, so bathrobes and Other similar Items.

The patterns can be geometric or creative and of colors that we change in according to the furnishing trends.

The very soft cotton terry, by Via Roma, 60 is not the only protagonist of the bathroom collections, we find in fact among the precious fabrics that guarantee a quick drying of the skin after the shower, also: the sponge with honeycomb processing, fresh and breathable; the super-light and super-compact cotton micro-sponge, ideal for trips and outings; and finally the fantastic line of products for the bathroom in hypoallergenic Ecofibre antibacterial.

You just have to choose how you prefer to be cuddle.

Via Roma, 60 by Gruppo Carillo S.p.A.
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